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About Crocels

Crocels is the leading multimedia education and community regeneration partnership serving West Wales and the South Wales Valleys.

Our mission is to contribute to the viability, vitality and visible development of the West Wales and The Valleys region of Wales through education, sustainable development and global citizenship.

Through making use of electronic learning blended with community regeneration activities we increase the employability of young and disabled people, such as students, graduates and those who would not normally be able to find employment without the support of more competent peers.

What We Do

The Crocels Community Media Group has an international focus to its operations, while having all of our companies’ registered head-offices in Wales. Our business model is based around corporate social responsibility and Cloud-based computing. All the companies that form part of the Group are a mixture of for-profit and not-for-profit, taking full advantage of the free market for social good.

Each of our companies and partners have their own portfolio of independent goods and services.


Crocels Ty Morgannwg PO Box 674 Swansea SA1 9NN

Tel: 0845 4786390 or +44(0)1792 345105